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Ivo Gretener Photography

Real Estate and Architecture Photography in Berlin, Zürich and Lisbon

Welcome to my Website!

My Name is Ivo Gretener. I work as a real estate and architecture photographer in Berlin, Germany and Zürich, Switzerland. My services include high-end real estate photography, architekture photography, 360° 3D virtual tours, acurate floorplans, and aerial drone imagery. My clients include private property owners, small businesses, hotels, architects, investors, construction companies and large investment firms.

Photography Services

Real Estate Photography

As a real estate photographer I provide my clients with profesional high quality images for the sale and rental of their real estate investments, private property, commercial property, and rental apartments.

Interior Photography

Whether you’re renting out your holiday apartment on AirBnB, opening up a new hotel or fashion store, I provide high quality interior images for sale and marketing purposes.

Architecture Photography

Architecture photography is always a mixture of art and craft. As an architecture photographer I strive to show a building in its best light.

Professional vs Amateur

See the difference!

Aerial Drone Images

Aerial drone images of your real estate property.